Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Get Lucky, It's Friday The 13th!

Booo! Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Oh no don't call me, that will be really scary....:)

But what is more scary is watching "Conjuring" while the lights are out and wonder if someOne is watching you while you are.....

Most of the time, It is better to watch horror movies in the dark and get scared,haha...Oh well that is the joy of it, you should feel it to enjoy.

On the other hands, there are also romance movie that makes you feel like Friday the 13th, when the ending is not what you expected to be, bad luck really....

Oh and not to forget, Friday the 13th can turn to Comedy movie as well, when you get soo scared of the movie you are watching and get startled and threw what you are holding....I always laugh after that.

Ok you can also go Action movie on Friday the 13th, when someOne scares you and then you punch him on the face....Ouch but that is understood and not your fault right,,,haha!

And you can go Drama movie too on Friday the 13th, you can start crying after the serial killer dies because he is so handsome and so handsome and then so handsome still.. They really should not get a handsome serial killer on any movie and I am glad it is just on the movie. Ewww.

Ok just posting this for the sake of Friday The 13th and hopefully we all get lucky!

Enjoy Your Friday The 13th and Don't Let The Vampire Bite You!

Note: I Did not type this, It Is The Ghost That Did,:)


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