Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BANCHETTO FORUM: The First Overnight Roadside Food Fiesta


Last Wednesday, we went to Manila with my friends and the next day we went to  see BANCHETTO FORUM, The First Overnight Roadside Food Fiesta. Although we did not stay long but one of my friend was able to take some pictures that I would like to share with his permission to do so and he said I just have to treat him to McDonalds,lols.

He did a good job taking picture, which he loves to do, he started taking it from the 6th floor until we went down to see it closer. It was not crowded yet when we went there but I think looking at the food that they are selling, I am pretty sure it did get crowded after we left.

Banchetto FORUM:Located at the back of Cybergate Plaza and Tower 1 
Delivery Bay area of FORUM Robinson's Pioneer Street corner EDSA,
Barangka Ilaya, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. It was established in 2007 and this is the first and The Original Overnight Food Fiesta in the Philippines.http://banchetto.multiply.com

They have it weekly,Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights, from 8:30pm untill 6:00am the next day.

All their food are mouth watering, although i go for dessert really. So many to choose from and your eyes and stomach will be full. Yummy!

Hopefully we can go back there again next time and stay longer to be able to enjoy and taste all the food that we can.....pay,lols.

Sticks n' Balls
Rib Stacks
Lechon Kawali
Deep Dish Pizzas
Various Paellas
Slabs to give you Flabs
Pinoy Viands
Hicked Ribs
Grilled Sea Stuff
Rice Mixes and More

I will be looking forward to that again, my friends are really into going to Manila, and I am glad I went with them this time.

Enjoy The Pics and Visit BANCHETTO FORUM when your in Manila, For Sure You'll gonna love it and Enjoy!

Chow and Be Safe!


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