Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Story of Elo and Mara


I saw this video shared on facebook and It is really amazing what love can do. The person who really loved, knows no bound and loves you just the same and beyond imperfection.

The video was shared 36,347 already and counting and the likes is about 30,347 and counting more.

This couple named Elo and Mara tie the knot in the Philippines. The man name Elo is a little person while the girl name Mara is not. And once you watch the video and listen to their vows and what they have to say to each other it will truly touch your heart.

Very touching line from Mara:

“I promise to be the arms that you need to reach for the stars.”

Wonderful and Amazing True Love They Have!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

You can visit related link, If you wish to witness their Beautiful Wedding and Listen to their Vows.

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