Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Think Before We Click


I just heard a news about a kidnapping. A girl met someone on the internet and they decided to meet up, only too late to find out that she is already being kidnapped, good thing is she got rescued. This is not the first time, I heard this, even worst than this.

So, we should really be careful and watch our teenagers or kids when chatting online, we should be aware who they meet up when they go out, as a way of protecting them. We should also remind them of the risk of meeting someone alone, especially for the first time.

I know Teenagers or Kids this day, some of them think differently, most of them would think they know better than the older person in the house, and they can do or decide for themselves....only to regret later of their actions. 

Now, If you dont want adults to know your business, then be careful with your actions and be safe but still better to tell someone or an adult in the house where your going.

Nothing wrong with chatting or making friends online but meeting them is another thing, what you see online may not really be what it is in real, so we always need to be careful.

There is good and bad in everything, especially on the internet where you can be an easy target and a stranger might just hit you, when you least expect it!

So Be Careful On What You Click And Think Before Doing It!


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