Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kroger: Converting Food Into Electricity?


Oh and speaking of electricity and not having a power for more than a day here, I was thinking If It is possible to product electricity using the same procedure that they did......

While some country needs more food to feed everybody, I read from a source that in the US of A, about 40% of the food that is produced is not eaten and it becomes no longer good for human consumption.

So instead of just throwing it away and letting it go to waste, The Kroger Co, which is one of the world's largest grocery retailers, has created a way of technology to convert this spoil or rotten food into electricity, amazing right? Good Thinking

The Company produced about 13 million kilowatts-hours of electricity every year. And it gives enough power to more than 2,000 houses for a year.

Do you think it is possible in other countries as well? Maybe it is but then why produce so much food and then not eat it or just give it to those who needs it, before it get spoiled and be wasted? Good thing they can convert it to something useful, then it is good.

There are other rich countries that It maybe possible to do same thing as well, but there are more countries that needs food than electricity. So I am really having a second thought on this....

All I can say is, at least the food is not totally wasted because they converted it to electricity ,but buy only what you can eat, same thing as produce only what is needed...that is my opinion on this....

Yours might be different...let me know?

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