Saturday, May 25, 2013

Have You Tried Street Food In The Philippines?


I was watching tv or should I say I over heard what my Mom was watching and they were talking about different kind of street food...

They were like roaming around to see which one is the most favored.

Street food in the Philippines is very common, very cheap and if not all but most have tried this. I think some country have this as well but then I would not talk about how theirs are.

If you have a limited budget and you want to eat something snack that will make your stomach full, then street food is the answer to that. You have something to munch and you have a drink already for budgeted amount.

List: Adidas,Balut ,Banana cue ,Barbecue ,Betamax ,Buchi ,Calamares ,Chicken skin Corn on the cob ,"Dirty" ice cream,Fishballs and squidballs ,Fruits in season ,Ice Candy ,Ice Drop,Ice Scramble ,Isaw ,Kikiam ,Kwek-kwek ,Maruya,Pwet ng manok ,Samalamig ,Taho Tukneneng , SagingTuron.

Which of this have you tried already and which one you want to try?

I remember back in high school, we go out just to buy banana barbeque, fishball, kikiam and all other sort of street food. More saleable with students, due to limited budget and it is good experience as well and of course yummy.

But then even though this could fill up your empty stomach, this is not a good substitute of a good or nutritious food, I would say. And dont over eat, anything that is too much is not good.

And when buying this, since it is almost everywhere, you can check out the place where you buy it. Better be full and safe as well. This food maybe be cooked well but need to check the way it is handled and placed. They may call it street food, good and yummy but check out where you buy it.

Some of this street food are already available in the Malls, which of course would increase the price and I think the experience of eating it would be different in a way.

You will see this yummy street food out everywhere on a push cart and usually infront of the school, market place or anywhere that is crowded, next to each can actually choose who to buy it no worries of running out of it when your hungry and on limted buget...You can go for this!

Try it at least once and you might be coming back for more, :)


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