Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shop Around At Robinsons Place Palawan

Although there are other Shopping Center In Palawan but the first full service mall is Robinson Place Palawan. The Mall caters to both residents and the tourists visiting the place.

This a two story shopping mall which is anchored by Robinson Department Store, Robinson Supermarket, Robinson Appliances, Handyman, Robinson Bank and Saizen.

You can also watch movies because the place features four cinemas, including 3D. It also has the Food Court, other dining outlets and there are other amenities of the place that you can check out.

This is only about 10 to 15 minutes away from the Airport and Bus Station. It is also close to the public market. It is very convenient to almost everything and anything,  be it food or other supplies when your around Puerto Princesa Palawan. A perfect stop over to relax and shop around after your Island Hopping and hectic day.

The trike fare from Puerto Pension Palawan to Robinsons Place is only P40 or $1. You can always ask the Hotel you are staying in about the trike fare but from what I am told and base from my experience, it is per destination and the trike driver will tell you upfront. However, for the roaming trike they charge per head.  

So whenever your in Puerto Princesa Palawan, find time to check out Robinsons Place, so you dont missed anything at all.

Wikipedie: "It is located 10 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa city proper along the old national highway."

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