Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To The Sweetest Mom

Any plans for Mother's Day Tomorrow? Care to share what on your mind for Mother's Day.....

If you are a Mom, you should do something you have not done for yourself for a long time.

And If you are a husband, treat your wife somewhere else and give her a very relaxing day for a change, give her a break from all those house chores and no matter how much she says she loves what she is doing for the family, esp. for the kids ( which is true), still she will appreciate a day for herself ...probably with the family but the focus would be about her.

If you are a daughter or a son, then this is the perfect day to show how much your Mother means to you. Oh I know we can show the love and caring everyday of any given day but since this is special and It is really for Mother's, give her something that she will remember and something you know she really likes to do and have.

This is the perfect moment to have a bonding time with your Mom. Make time for her, go out and have fun.

You can take her to have a relaxing body massage.

Probably ask her to join you to go to the Parlor. She might like to have manicure, pedicture and have her hair done or a scalp massage probably.

Invite her to her favorite restaurant or a Restaurant you think she would like to go to.

Watch movie of her choice together, with snack on the side.

Shop for her for a change, instead of her shopping for you all the time

And if all of this is not possible right now, you can just prepare the dinner for her and for the family, most Mother would rather do that, spend time with all of you. You know how Mother's are, they are the most caring, loving person in the whole wide word.

To my Mother, Happy Mother's Day Ma, I wish you good health and happiness. Thanks for all the love and understanding you have given us all. I LOVE YOU!

Happy Mother's Day To All The Mother's Bubbling Here and To All The Wonderful Mom's Out There....Cheers To All Of You!

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