Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mars One Project, One Way Ticket Only

Mars One Project, I heard it before on the news and I heard it again today and wow, lots of human being have applied already and I cant believe they did but not surprise... I am excited for them too!

About Mars One, this is a project led by Dutch Entrepreneur and it is a private spaceflight. This project is to established a permanent resident or human colony on Planet Mars.

But then again, that would be something different right....See how Mars look like and how things there....normal reaction but to be a permanent resident, That is really really need to have lots and lots of guts to leave everything behind here, esp. your Family. 

Oh you dont have family but I am pretty sure you there is lots of things that you have here that Mars dont have....

But how would I know, Ive never been to Mars...oh well, just by the look of it, there will be no McDonalds there.....

Kidding aside, the news said about 80,000 applied already and I believe still counting and I might want to consider....But wow, they don't enjoy earth anymore?

However, the Mars One Project is only planning to get 2 Female and 2 Male, not sure what qualifications though but I see some logic there....... And they will be trained for 7 years here...and might give them time to change their minds as well....Can they actually back out?

Oh my, I cant breath just by looking on the Photos but I am really thinking what If I fly to Mars and never comeback.

* Will I get aged faster than the human being here on Planet Earth?

* Will there be internet connection and facebook over there? Oh we are human here, for sure that is thing to consider to shout and post on our walls whats going on and that will be cooler.

* Will there be night or day?

Oh I am sure there will be more questions about it but I feel bored already.. A week, a month, a year...I think i can handle but not to come back here....No Way, High Way...

I will just stay where I am now....

And to those lucky 4, be safe and still hopefully you come back to share us your experiences over there....

Over and Out

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