Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Summer: Honda Bay Tour In Puerto Princesa Palawan

Good Day! This is the last part of my vacation. Sorry that it took so long to write it down, been busy and there are other things to take care off.

Our Honday Bay Tour Started Good. They pick us up at about 7:30 am and did not even finished our yummy breakfast. Oh well, we were told that they would pick us up early but you know it is good to sleep during vacation.

For this tour, we paid P1,300 per person and this is free snack and free lunch.

I think the ride was for about 2 hours or more including the stop at the gear shop to rent snorkeling gears. we rented the Snorkeling mask, aqua shoes and since our camera is not water proof, we rented waterproof housing for the camera just to make sure we can take photos under the sea. The stop over is only for about 30 minutes.

On this tour, we were able to go to Pambato Island, Starfish Island and Pandan Island. 

On our first drop off is Pambato Island and this is where we did our snorkeling, I was scared at first but I eventually did it, within limited area only.

It was really nice but only too crowded, I was thinking that It would be much nicer to go there when it is not peack season. But of course it is the crowd that makes the place more alive.....

I took some photos with my friends and I think i saw Nemo or maybe thats not him,haha. Anyways took a photo and the deeper the water the better but kinda scary when you see lots of fish coming after you because you were holding a bread, you can buy bread at the shop there or you can bring your own. Fish feeding was so much fun and I even caught a fish but it jump up and back to the water, but I got really excited seeing that but missed to take the photo.

We did Snorkeling at Pambato Island and it was so much fun, I saw some coral reefs for few minute and then up again, had too much sun burn and I cant remember how long we stayed on and through the water, I think 30 minute to about an hour. As you can see on the photos, it was really crowded. 

And it was my first time to do Snorkeling and I am glad I did, although hesitant at first.

We had our lunch when we got to starfish Island and took a lot of photos as well.

Our last drop off was Pandan Island. You can have a massage there for an hour but non of us care to do so. We went Snorkeling again and then fish feeding again, as we still have some left over bread from Pambato Island.

On our last day in Puerto Princesa, we were able to watch the movie "Oblivion" at Robinson Mall. The mall is not yet crowded since it is just 12 noon and our flight going home is 6:00 pm.  We got back at the Hotel at about 4:00pm and the driver was already waiting for us. Same driver name "Doy" took us to the Airport again and from there our vacation end!

The End, Until Next Time!

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