Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love Letters Through Snail Mail or Online Ecards?


Some of us ladies, if not all.... just love receiving love letters from someone and more when it is from someone we really care about.

Love Letters through snail mail or Online Ecards?

You check every details on that love letter enclose in the card sealed with a kiss and as if you are trying to analize the way the sender wrote it and with a smile on your face...you close it and then open it again...oh not everyone does that of course but that is my experience in the past (long time ago) and maybe I still do that...just not sure when. Like memorizing each sweet line that can make you smile everytime... It feels like message in a bottle, the excitement is always there.

Checking the way it was written and then read it all over again, as if the meaning would change, but of course the most beautiful hand written words is I LOVE YOU, mushy words that made it more sweeter.

However, in this modern times where everything is fast and quicker than quick to click, we can send a love letter or card by just getting online and search for those online cards that has instant message already...no need to sweat or drain your brain just to put up a sweet words that will described how you really feel.... Meaningful and the feeling is there but....

There is something about love letters, cards sent through mail or handed to you personally. It is more personal, more meaningful and more touching and with much effort to it that you will feel really special. 

Do you prefer the old ways of sending love letters or card or just the quick way doing it online and searching for the perfect card to send away?

Oh well, either by ecard or love letter through mail it is still the sender that really matters and thoughts that is attached to it and no matter what you used to send your love....One Thing Is For Sure, We Will Always Missed The Old Ways and The Way We Were!

Image: http://trishabel04.blogspot.com/2012/08/message-in-bottle.html

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