Sunday, April 28, 2013

Underground River Tour In Puerto Princesa Palawan

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Everything looks great in Palawan but Underground River Tour is the main attraction in Puerto Princesa Palawan and this is one tour you don't want to missed.

It would be better to make a reservation (underground rice tour) prior to your arrival or at least a month before going to Puerto Princesa. You can make the reservation, same time that you make your hotel reservation. This is because, they need to get you a permit either for group tour or if you want a private tour...but for this one, it is best to do a group tour instead. You will need an id when you get there. We paid P1,500 or about $38 each and 40 pesos environmental fee. This should include a free lunch. Lunch was included on our underground river tour, which is good.

Our tourist guide stated that about 900 person can be admitted to enter the underground river per day. That is why permit is a must. About 6 to 10 person per boat.

While waiting for your turn, your tourist guide will tour you somewhere closer and you can also try those camera tricks they have, using your own cam, which is for free not unless you wish to give a little amount to the person taking the photos, they call that donation.

The place is much nicer than I thought, so much beauty and when you get inside, you can take as much picture as you like, just make sure your cam has a flash...because it is darker than dark,:)

Plastics are not allowed inside the river cave, because they said wild monkeys will hear and take them and would be dangerous when that happens, because monkeys are pretty wild...Although I never saw any monkeys there, only bats and birds and Ive seen a snake, not it is safe. The view inside the river cave is really amazing, I never believe till I saw it...not unless you are not into it, then this wil make you fall asleep...approximately 45 minutes to get to the end of it....but believe me, it is all worth it, nice and interesting, give it a try when you go to Puerto Princesa Palawan!

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  1. It was okay but it wasn't as magnificent as I expected it to be! :)


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