Monday, April 29, 2013

Our City Tour In Puerto Princesa Palawan

Here is another post about my vacation. The second day is our City Tour. The regular charge is P600 per head and for this one you can booked it when you are at the hotel already.

However, on our way to the laundry shop, a trike driver outside the hotel (lots of trike are park outside the hotel) offered us a better deal and we thought since it was just a city tour which is not so far from where we are....we decided to take it. They charge us by group instead of per person, which is way much cheaper...We were charge P700 per trike instead, the security guard at the hotel knows the trike drivers, so we felt much safer in doing this or we would not have.  But I would still suggest you go for a group tour booked by the hotel if you are going anywhere else and traveling in a group is always much safer and fun.

Our City Tour include Crocodile Farm, Baker’s Hill, Palawan Special Battalion WW-II Memorial Museum. The butterfly farm should be included, however, i think they were fixing it that time, so we did not go.

Crocodile Farm was nice and a tour guide assisted us but there is a charge or P20 per person before entering ( maybe because we ride a trike instead). Kinda scary as well, seeing all those big really big crocodile...and the biggest ive seen is name "Mac."

Then next is we went to Baker's Hill, and this one i really really like...i love beautiful views and nice houses and this place is just perfect, in my eyes,hahaha.

And then after Baker's Hill, since it was lunch time already, we had our lunch at a nearby place called Dampa, its an open kinda resto place which welcomes everyone...this one is perfect for travelers, affordable and good food. They also sell fresh seafood and then they cooked it way you want it with a an additional charge.

After lunch we headed to WW-2 Memorial Museum of Palawan’s Special Battalion. We met the owner and author Mr. Buddy Mendoza Jr. He is very nice, accomodating and very intelligent man, I saw some of his books and all of his collections are interesting, he even got a pair of red shoes from the former First Lady Imeld Marcos.

It has personal collection of military memorabilia (Buddy collections) and has about six theme inside the museum. 

"Mr. Buddy Mendoza Jr. son of one of Palawan’s heroic sons, Higinio A. Mendoza (after whom the city’s public amphitheater is named), built a museum for Palawan’s Special Battalion in World War 2." 


We missed to see the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm which is not too far from Crocodile Farm.

We had so much fun and lastly we headed to the Cathedral in Palawan. The City Tour lasted for about five hours riding the trike but I think It should be just about four hours. Good thing about renting the trike for this tour is, we never have to rushed. 

Our next tour would be Honda Bay...will post about it next and thanks to the readers.

Until Next Post and Stay Safe!

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