Sunday, April 14, 2013

Im Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is it, after posting 100 times about this vacation, finally I will be off and flying soon. Oh no the flight will only be for about an hour, yes it is faster than quick.

My flight, from the domestic airport to the my destination is only about 1 hour and 15 minutes according to the schedule.

Im not riding a Jet Plane, we are riding a Bus......But from where I am to the airport is more than 2 hours drive, that is including the traffic and need to beat the heat, really. But not complaining at all, this will be fun with friends and hopefully the internet connection work perfectly on that place, so I can post from time to time, if it allows me.

Everything is packed, and the more you tried to bring less stuff the more I think you are adding,lols...My Mom said, arent you coming back,hahaha? I am sure others can relate to is not just packed and go but choose, plan, pick and more and Go,lols!

But sometimes it is hard to choose what to bring and not to bring, what if I needed this and I needed that....and this is my first time to go to Palawan, so I am pretty excited, curious and most of all excited again,haha!

"Im leaving on a Jet Plane, dont know when I will be back again, oh babe i hate to go,la,la,la...just singing,hehe."

I will see you again soon, probably sooner than soon! Don't Let The Spoiler Spoil Your Day, Have Fun and Keep It Cool! 

Off For Now

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