Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do You Miss Using Pen and Paper?

In this modern days of technology, do you ever missed using Pen and Paper to write things down?

I read on a post about using Pen and Paper and I realized I have not used that for very long time. When I am in front of the computer, I usually have my note pad in front of me, to keep track of things and jot down information.

Wow, those were the days and of course I kinda missed that still but I seldom use Pen and Paper now, I usually save info on my cellphone when I am out. And when I need to sign up on something using Pen, my hands are shaking a little, haha like I forgot how to write anymore.

Im pretty sure most, especially those who still goes to school use Pen and Paper but how about those who are you still use it more often?

I remember, I use to write things using Pen and Paper and then just transfer them when Im finished writing...

I know some people that dont use computer until now, they prefer the old ways which is something they got used to it and which they can use and do anytime.

Although on this modern days of technology where everything is fast, quick and easy, it is still sometimes good to go back to the old ways and see what you've really missed.

I sure missed that, but things have change and most task are done online ,quick and easy to connect to the world using the internet.

But sure missed my Pen and Paper, in my little corner over there :)

Do you ever missed using Pen and Paper?

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