Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools' Day!

It's April Fool's Day, play a game with a friend, joke around for fun, but make sure it is harmless and chill out!

We should loosen up a little, have fun and share a joke with someone.

I heard so many jokes today, and their joke are really pretty funny. With this modern age of technology, it will be much easier to joke and have fun with  someone. There are many ways to do it. And take video of that moment if you can, because that will be worth laughing at in a few days, months or in the future.

"I got a text from a friend saying she is outside  and waiting for me, without reading the whole text...So I went out to check and she was not there and when I am about to text her back, i scroll down and read that it is actually a April Fool's Text and I should pass it on to someone to get even,hahaha!" This one is funny for me but the next text is not...

Ok on the funny note, Moments like this are much nicer since they are stolen, just like when your taking photos, the best photos taken are the stolen one, you may not realize this for now but after few years and you look back, that photo that you dont like so much, might be the picture that is worth remembering and keeping.

Make a practical joke or an high tech one, just make sure it is a harmless one and be careful you might be the one that is being joke around.....Be a good sport as well!

And say Your On Candid Camera, :)

This Is Just Once a Year But Play Safe and Just For Fun!

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