Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Best Friend Forever

How was your weekend EveryOne? Mine was good and peaceful, I had good sleep and relaxing one. 

However, I am missing my bestfriend so much, we used to do so many things together, visit churches during holy week and bonding to the max like there is no tomorrow. Just so much fun with her, she laugh at my silly jokes and we understand each other so well. We call each other Bru, meaning Witch but a good witch okey and our sign of endearment i guess.

I was watching tv with my niece and it came to the part where this ladies were talking and they were like BFF or Best Friend Forever and my niece asked me out of the blue, "Auntie who is your BFF and I replied, I have so many and she said No, it should be just one" and that made me think....And I realize I have so many friends but never been that close to anyone, as close as I've been to Bru....she was my BFF and I still get teary eye when I think about our time together, especially when things are really tough for me...We could open up and talk about anything under the sun, work, relationship...or just about anything silly. I just missed her so much, and loosing her is one of the most painful truth that i have to faced and I know I will never find someone like her in this Lifetime.

It is always true, that we should always cherised every moment spend with our loved ones, learn how to appreciate, give all the love that you can and while you can, make them feel and show them you will be there for them, learn to listen.

Just my thoughts for today and came back flowing from nowhere that made me think of her and I really appreciate her friendship and I know she is resting in heave with God.

Just part of my reflection and realizing things!

Life really has its Up and Down but what matters is how well we handled things along the way!

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