Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here Comes The Ice Cream Man

It is really Super Hot and I heard a bell sound from outside the house and It was the ice cream man and out I go to buy and at least that would refresh me a little.

I remember when we were kids and we used to chase the Ice Cream man to buy and he will either put it on the icecream cone or slice bread. The Ice Cream man would play a song and put out a mic for us to sing along (his marketing strategy) and all the kids would gather and sing along while having fun. Oh well, those were the days but what is good about this is, The Ice Cream Man ( though different person) still roaming around and selling our favorite Ice Cream and each Ice Cream Man have different marketing strategy.

Here comes the Ice Cream Man pulling his cart and there he goes and gone.....

Some Ice Cream Man would exchange one cone of Ice Cream for 2 bottles or cans.

I guess this what makes it more fun to be in the Philippines. Ok Ice Cream melting, I got to eat now....I mean the second cone of Ice Cream,:)

Chow and Enjoy Your Day!

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