Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free Your Mind From Worries

We are human and it is only normal that we worry or to feel worried sometimes. I find the quote about logical but we have to deal with our worries sooner than soon, so we dont worry anymore.

But we must learn how to handle it. It is better not to worry about little things or fix it right away, so we dont have to think about it long time.

The moment you start worrying, the next thing should be what to do and how to deal with it but anything that cant be fix, just leave it all to God, he handle things much much better than we do, best way actually.

The moment you start worrying, is the moment you have to deal with it right away.

Sometimes it is when we lay in bed that the thinking and worrying starts, and the logical reason i could think of is because when our body start rest, our mind get more active. So try to relax and leave the worries for a moment and deal with it once you get up and have relaxed already.

I am a worrier too but I take action as well, it is brain damaging to just worry and not to do anything.... but If I cant handle it myself then I seek help...and I get busy....

There are things that we can fix and there are things that we cant and we have to let go.

Enjoy Your Weekend And Try Not To Worry!


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