Saturday, March 2, 2013

What Facebook Online Games Do You Enjoy Most?

I used to play Yoville, where you can actually meet real chatters from all over the globe. While you decorate your dream place in Yoville, you can have real time chat with them. But then I got busy, so i stop playing it since I cant really chat back doing my other task.

Now I continued playing farmville, which I can do between breaks just to relax. Its like If I planted 8 hours seed, then I know it is already 8 hours, if it is time to harvest,haha. I just find it relaxing since I can do it anytime I want.... without thinking...really.

But my nieces said it look like a jungle ( and it does) since I put everything there without really fixing or thinking how to decorate it really well...and that the fun of it for me....but that is virtual life, where you dont have to worry even if your crops dries out,haha...Just having fun and to relax.

And when I visited my Yoville, so much have changed already and not updated here anymore...It is like in real life, one minute can change so much..So you got to check from time to time how your life is really treating you.

Oh well, whatever games you play on line (if you do)...learn from it, apply what is good into your real life but dont get too hook up....It is just a game, real life has so much to offer, more nicer things and more trials that we can deal with eventually!

You are not the person in your games online....

Play, Have Fun but Know When To Stop Or Real Life Happiness Will Passes You By!

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