Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Date With Jackie Chan......


It is indeed a busy Saturday for me...Tiring but it is all worth it.

Attended a training for the new task which lasted for 8 hours, it is always good to learn something new and added knowledge. It was fun doing it with the teammates and after that we were able to catch up and still watch the movie of Jackie Chan, Chinese Zodiac. The movie house was full, it was amazing as always. Jackie Chan never fail to amazed me, for me this movie is over 100% nice. The Action, Adventure and Humor in one movie, who can ask for more. And check out the ending part and you will be surprise who you will see with Jackie Chan.

You should see this movie, you will surely enjoy. This is a must see movie and I read that it might be Jackie Chan last action movie...

From Source: "I want to let the audience know that this is my last big action movie. I don’t like to die on the set. I want to continue filming," said Jackie, who was the film's lead star, writer, producer and director. "Maybe on my next movie, I don’t have to roll over, jump over the building, or jump off the car. I want to try drama or be casted in a love story."


And then after the movie, we were able to go to KFC for quick dinner because it is almost closing time.

So feeling tired, but i did missed blogging here...It became a daily routine and something i don't want to missed.


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