Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Number One Beauty Secret Is The Proper Hair Care

Whether you want your hair long or short, healthy hair is the only way to go. Most men don’t like long hair so much as healthy hair. Women typically remark that if a man has great hair, that it’s one of his most attractive features. 

Hair says a lot about people. It suggests how healthy you are, your personality, the music you enjoy, your style and everything else imaginable about you. Taking care of your hair is essential. Wear what clothes you may. Go without makeup, but don’t neglect your hair. Whether you prefer wearing it curly or straight, take great measures to protect your hair from damage. 

Do not over-dry your hair. In a perfect world, styling your hair wouldn’t produce any damage at all. However, since your hair is essentially comprised of dead cells and is unable to restore itself, as with living cells, taking care of your hair to make sure it is not damaged makes sense. Ruffling the hair cuticles, clogged pores and split ends all cause unsightly hair. Your diet influences your locks, but so does the manner in which you care for your hair. Hair care is internal, but it is external too. Internal factors, like diet, affect how your hair grows. External factors maintain your hair’s prime condition.  

Make sure the products you use are hair-friendly. Always treat your hair well. Common sense goes a long way. Massage your hair with coconut oil or olive oil. Shampoo your hair as little as possible. Hair is like skin, the dryer it is, the more oil it produces. Keep your hair and scalp moisturized to ensure little sebum is produced. Sebum, along with dirt, clogs the hair follicles causing hair loss and stunted growth.

Always treat your hair well and it will take care of you. Well, at least, your looks. 

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