Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tips For Valentines Day

What is your plan for Valentines Day?

I saw this pictures from last year of Valentines Day and It will be heart day again. Maybe to early to post this but better early than late right. 

Are you getting ready for this, thinking of where to go and what special gift to give to your Love One. Oh Im sure the guys are getting ready and thinking on how to make that heart day extra special and it should be. And for the girls I am sure they are excited and they may say it or not they are expecting it to be sweet and romantic day.

* Plan for something romantic, it does not have to be expensive or somewhere far away, just make sure it is different from what you used to do together.

* Chocolates and Roses is a must. Forget everything but not those two. If you have tight budget, better to save and plan ahead now, because for sure roses will be really as in really expensive before Valentines Day.

* If you can afford a romantic getaway, then that would be great. Plan ahead and make early reservation on wherever you want to go, because in February, it wont be easy to do that anymore.

* For the girls, think what your sweetheart favorites, so you know what to get for him. Or do something that he likes, that he will find really sweet.

* For some they like post valentines date or before the day, but if you can and your both available it is better to do it on the exact date, be it crowded or not but that is the date, it should be celebrated right, February 14, Heart Day!

* And for the teens, if your parent allow you to go on a date. Do only what good teens do. Have fun but know your limitations. Get excited but not to excited. Valentines happens every year, just like Christmas. Oh maybe not with the same person next year ( hopefully still the same) but still it happens every year, so take it slow. But Im sure you will get chocolates and Roses.

* And if you are worrying about your budget, there are romantic places that you can go to that wont hurt your pocket so much. This is just once a year, so better to save up for this...So your sweetheart will not pout her lips that she can almost step on it,kidding but true,lols.

* And what matters most is you only have one girlfriend or boyfriend on that day, so you will have problem thinking and planning for it.

* It would be good to text or call her to greet her at 12midnight of Valentines Day before the day itself starts. 

* And for those that dont have date on that special day, this is just one of those days in the calendar, so no need to be sad about it. Spend and plan it with your friends or family. Heart Day is for love and for the people we love. Dating, you can do it anytime.

* Lastly, Make this day really special that you would remember always and that you can look back to with a smile on your face. Memories dont really happen twice, they change everytime!

What Is Your Plan for Valentines Day and Any Tips You want to add?

Advance Happy Heart Day!

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