Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Talk About Philippines Cockfighting

Ok just for a change, lets talk about cockfighting. After seeing the photo from an old file. I thought of checking on it on Google about it and I landed on Wikipedia for more information. Cockfight is almost global. There are many countries that actually have cockfighting and looking at the photos, It looks like a lot of fun but it involves betting.

Cockfight, this is a blood sport between two roosters or commonly called gamecocks. This gamecocks is being held in a cockpit arena ring.

Upon checking on Google, I read that there is cockfighting in some other countries and not just in the Philippines. But let me just focus in the Philippines cockfight.

The Philippines has hosted many World Slasher Cup derbies already, which they held twice a year in Araneta Coliseum. The world's leading game breeder meet up twice a year on this said event.

In the Philippines, cockfighting is called Sabong. And there are legal and illegal cockfights. I often see cockfights in the provinces. The legal cockfight is being held at the cockpit ring every week, where they could bet. However, the illegal cockfights which is called tupada or tigbakay is being held on a more private place, to make sure no authorities would come and just raid the place.

On both events of the cockfights, gaffs of knives are used and they put it on the roosters before the game begin. There are two kind of knives that can and are being used in the Philippines cockfighting and this are the single edge blade and double edged blades use for derbies.

You will see the knives are attached on the left leg of the rooster (cock),but there are times the blades can be attached on right or both legs this all depend on the agreement between the owner of the roosters.

This is being judge by a referee they call "sentensyador or koyme". His verdict is always final and you cant ask for an appeal.

Gamecocks or Cockfighting was first introduce in the Philippines during the colonial rule in the island by the Spanish authorities.

I believe this is usually being held during sunday and the photo shown above are from the province. Most provinces have sabong (cockfight during weekend).

For more info about cockfighting, you can check out related link below. 


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