Friday, January 25, 2013

Here Comes The Taho Vendor (Bean Curd Vendor)

It is 6am here now and i can hear the taho guy calling out to sell his taho or bean curd.

Taho or Bean curd is a flavored product made from soybeans and also known as tofu, very similar to a very fine custard.

You will see the Taho vendor roaming around in the morning selling bean curd, which is considered street food and a common sight in the Philippines, especially in the early morning before the sun is up. You get to see it from street vendors that roam around early in the mornings but sometimes they also sell it in late afternoon.

The bean curd vendor (magtatahĂ´)carries two large aluminum buckets that hang from each end of a yoke. The larger bucket has the tofu base and the smaller bucket has the arnibal (caramelized brown sugar) and sago (gummy pearl). The Sago "Pearl" you can actually buy from the local market.

It is best to eat it in the morning while it is hot, especially during cold weather. It is most kids favorite and you see kids chasing the taho vendor sometimes.

It has other flavor now, one I got the chance to taste is Strawberry Flavored Taho, which is actually good.

For those who have not tried it yet, you should try it and hopefully you will hear the taho vendor coming in the morning!

Oh well, I used to chase them too when I was younger but now it is time for the younger kids to do that. It is good and yummy, I especially love those Sago Pearl.

Not only good for breakfast but best for snack too!

But for now, I am good with my Coffee and maybe something else later!

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  1. Still a fan of this no matter how old i am :))


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