Sunday, January 27, 2013

Death of Foodstagram?

Restaurants Ban Customers From Taking Food Pics?

It has been a habit for more people to take pictures of food they eat using instagram, which is awesome for other but very annoying for some.

I am also guilty as charge on this one. I like taking photos of food we eat or when I eat out with friends and some of them dont really appreciate it and you will kinda see it by the way they look at you. Like they want to eat you alive,lols. Oh well fine, I wont then....I wont take pictures while your looking!

They want to enjoy eating their meal without anyone bothering on taking pics before they put it in their mouth. And i think that is understandable why some restaurant in New York started banning customers from taking photos of their food. 

Reason is they want them to enjoy their meal because taking photos is really very distracting for some.

Reported by New York Times reports.

Ok I am sure we have different opinions on this one but what is your thought on this one?

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  1. I will take photos of food no matter what other people will say...if they don't like what I do, then let us be


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