Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Green Mangoes With Bagoong


Today while i was out at the market place, something caught my attention that did excite my salivary glands,haha. I saw this sour unripe indian mangoes, so mouth watering that did really make me crave. Green Mangoes and Bagoong, yummmy...

So i bought 5 pcs. for 10 pesos each, not bad but you could actually buy them cheaper but maybe because no one else is selling them yet, so it was a bit over price, but thats okey, its all worth it.

So as soon i got home, i peeled them and put the bagoong out and ther it goes with the pictures. I sat there at ate 3 of them,haha. 

For some who have not tried Mango and Bagoong, you should when you get the chance. Bagoong is salty fermented shrimp paste and match that match with Green Mangoes.

Green Mangoes dipped with Bagoong (salty fermented shrimp paste) is one of Filipino favorite, which is almost the same that others find Pickles so appealing and mouth watery.

This made my day! How about you what made your day today, Is it food or something else, wanna share?

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