Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bill Porter: Door To Door


I just watched this very inspiring movie about a guy who has celebral palsy and yet he never gave up and his determination and patience is so inspiring. There is "NO OBSTACLES" if you really want to go for it.

His name is Bill Porter, he is a door to door sales man. And his achievement is so amazing. He sells his goods to residents of the West Hills area of Portland, Oregon daily and even there are some rejections, he never gave up and he kept on trying.

He supported himself for many years selling WATKINS Quality Products that leads him to an independent lifestyle. www.watkinsonline.com/billporter/

Senator John Glenn presented Bill Porter with the National Council on Communicative Disorder Award on September 9, 1998 at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Another part of the story that is really touching is how his Mother believes in him and how he has encourage him to deal with life with patience and persistent and the loved she has showned is really unconditional. 

And his friend and associate Shelly Brady, who was always there for him and never left, no matter what.

Actor William H Macy Played The Role of Bill Porter.

I dont always watched true to life movies, most are fictional, my favorites are always romance, comedy, horror but this one has really caught my attention, although it is a almost 2 hours movie, still when you watch it....it will make you think to never stop trying and that life has so much to offer, if we just keep on trying!


Related Source: www.watkinsonline.com/billporter/default.cfm?storyid=1758

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