Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bibingkinitan For Snack


Freshly Baked Mini Bibingka!

Today when we went to the mall, I came across this yummy bibingkinitan (mini bibinka, a type of rice cake from the Philippines).

Bibingka is one of favorite native delicacies in the Philippines.It is made with rice flour and coconut milk and water.

Bibingka is a traditional Christmas food in the Philippines. You will see vendors selling it outside of churches during christmas time, after every midnight mass. Bibingka is usually eaten along with Puto Bumbong (filipino native snack made from sticky rice) and hot chocolate.

So after the holiday, you will not see bibingka anymore or you will but only on selected and very few places. So if you are craving for bibingka, you wont get it right away.

However, It is good that we can actually purchase them at the mall now. They have this small stall and they are selling Bibingkinitan or mini bibingka, just size of ladies palm). They sure taste good and very convenient place to buy them. It is only P20 per piece, which is reasonable enough and believe me they taste yummier than yummy,lols.

So next time you are at the mall, try them and you might actually like how they taste and you might end up buying few more to take home.


  1. I love bibingka! :))

  2. Thanks for dropping by T.R.Aurelius, then I am sure you will like the Bibingkinitan


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