Saturday, February 4, 2012

Silence in Me

Just a feeling the silence in me.....

I always wear that sweet smile, It keeps them wondering why...

They do not want to see me wearing a frown, In a crowd I am a clown!

They always want to see the jolly me, but they never tried to see the real me.

There is an empty show inside of me, how i wish they could feel the "Silence In Me."

Teary eyes behind my smile, broken heart inside a clown.

Maybe someday I will find a friend, who would open up my heart and understand the silence in me.

It is so painful that nobody tried to understand,nobody cares to see the real me.

Suddenly there you are talking to me and you seems to understand the silence in me.

We laugh and you were always there for me. You listen when i speak and you even hear me in my silence.

I smiled and whisper softly, Thank you for being a friend to me!

Dedicated to Brutess!

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