Saturday, February 4, 2012

Though You Hurt Me

Feeling should be express. Let the other person you care about know how much he/she means to you, not just by words by through your actions.

I have tried it so many times, so hard not to think about you...

But I always end up crying, because it is breaking my heart forgetting you.

You taught me how to love, you made me feel so special and wanted, how to understand things,
But you never taught me how to lived, to live without you by my side!

We used to exchange phone calls, but now you feel there is no reason for you to call.
Though you hurt me, Love...I am missing you and loving you....

I hate to see you walking with her, but what can I do?

She took your heart away from, or i thought was mine and i know that I have no right to make you stay!

I cried each night and day, wishing you could comfort me but i am wishing for impossible thing.

Maybe i did not show enough just how much you mean to me and maybe it was not just meant to Last
I felt like dying inside the day you said good bye and i know it will not be easy....

With this words i say to you, I LOVE YOU... for you to feel just how much I care,
And though you hurt me and made me cry with your Good Bye... My heart  Loves you from the start and

In time i may forget but for now, I LOVE YOU still!

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