Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second Chance

It is a wonderful feelings loving someone and feeling worst when things dont work out right.  You die inside and you wish you can turn back time, only to realize that it is too late for a second chance.

You ask forgiveness, while he pretend not to hear. You are hoping for a second chance and that things will still be the same, but things have change and the feeling is wounded.
You wish you can ease the pain he feels but he chose to just let you go and not look back, rather than have you and take that second chance of loving you back again.

You both let the time passes by, hoping you will soon forget, only to realize in the end that you can never loved anyone else as much as you have love him. The saddest thing in life is loving someone who used to love you.

Why do we choose to let go? No matter how much we cared and love that person, we rather deal with the pain of being alone rather than being happy.  Why it is so hard to forgive and we choose not to forget?

True love never gives up, it never judge, but love understand.  Love listen to the heart and mind gives no reason and never ask why, for only the heart can express what the mind cant.  While the love never really gone, it just stood there in the corner of your heart, longing, waiting for second chance....second chance that he will learn to forgive and take the chance of being with you again.....

The most wonderful feeling in life, is being with someone that you can not lived without. The happiest is spending the rest of your life together.

Love while you live, forgive while you can and be with that person you love,  rather  than be sorry in the end!

Second Chance

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