Saturday, February 4, 2012

Long Distance Love Affair

Long distance relationship has been there for ages.  Some work just fine and some did not. In our modern times, with all the new ways of communicating, can really love last and blossom
into more meaningful and lasting one.

Are there more chances now?  How do you build a stronger foundation without being physically together. What about the longing for embrace and having someone closer, can it really work without the human touch.

With the heart connection, love over the net, phone calls, email and chat and the visit from time to time.  Your heart filled with gladness when he calls, but then you feel sad once he hang up and wonder what is next.

Spent every minute of every moment on every visit, making up for all the lost times and then it is a sad and teary good bye when it is parting time, reality bites.

Roses and chocolates that filled with love and kisses you received on some occasions...when roses dies and chocolates melted, then you long for him to be closer and misses him more and wonder how long the waiting will be?

You make plans, promises to make it work, but then the longing is getting stronger.  You say you trust each other, but then you sometimes wonder, who he might be with at this very moment. You are with your male friend and you wish you are with him, sharing the things, the laughter and time with him and sad part is, it is not possible at this time.....

Oh well, if you have choosen him and you love are willing to take the risk, than never to try at all!  Not really matter if you are not together right now, because there will be time when there will be no goodbyes...It is really not how far or how close you are from each other, but it is the love that you feel for each other that matters, the trust, honesty, faithfulness and the never ending hope of making your Long Distance Love Affair last!!!

Long Distance Relationship

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