Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best of Both Worlds

We try to find and build a good relationship. We do our best to make it work right. However, there are times that even we feel the fulfillment of having someone, we still try to find someone else and to have the best of both worlds.

We want the best of both worlds in whatever fields that is, But we should realize we can have a try a taste of it, but really cant have both as much as we would like, having both means 
having only half of each world.

While having a relationship with someone else can fill up what is empty but that does not mean doing it can complete you.  Having both world does not complete a person, can be satisfied for awhile but sooner or later you have to choose one, to be really happy.

Choosing to have both worlds, can ruin any good relationship and what you work hard for at the start.

Have what makes you really happy and have someone fills your heart and soul and not just someone satisfy your body. While it can boost your ego, you will soon realize that all is left is your ego and your heart feels empty and everything is wrong.

So why not just choose just having one, even if you can have
lots,because the bottom line could be not having anyone, REAL!

The best of both worlds is so inviting but would you choose
having both or be happy with what you have right now!!!

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