Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finding The Right Love

Should the look stop you from being happy, finding love and being with someone? Some would hide and will not come out from their comfort zone, because of their worries of being rejected. Because of insecurity, they missed all the fun!

She sees him every morning, he is so adorable and very friendly. He smiled at her and she smiled back and then she look away. It is always like that, she never initiated any conversation, after every smile and she is so worried he will laugh because she is BBW. She is pretty but her size is her problem on finding happiness, feeling the spark, she ignores her feelings for him and just feel sorry for herself.

She let time passes by, winter, summer and fall, just glancing at him and hoping things will change but she never did anything to change it. She is just so insecure, she keep telling to herself, they do not match, he is so hot and she is so big, putting it bluntly.

Next day, to her surprise...The guy next door is with this Big Beautiful Woman, about her size and she learned that the guy next door like Big Beautiful Woman and with a sigh, it could have been her. But too late now, she learned her lesson, she knows better next time, size should not be a problem having someone, being inlove, dating someone and finding the connection.

You just have to do, what you got to do, rather than be sorry later.  There is more than just physical outlook.

Finding the Right Love, is somehow taking the risk as well and not getting afraid to try what it can offer you. Just go for it!

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