Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Out on a Sunny Sunday

I realize, no day is unproductive, it is up to you, how you do it but always good to learn something from it.

Black Out...Power is off and this time i heard it will be for 12 hours and it is Sunday. This will be  unproductive day, or so i thought......

Whew, it is really hot, sweating and all and feels like every movement in out house has stopped.

It not dark, since i just woke up and it is still morning but what else to do, i was thinking, read maybe, it is just 7:30am...but too early to do that....and i want to stay in bed longer, since i am off today.

Ok had breakfast, while my Mom is not busy as well, and no tv or computer, except for the cp that is almost low bat. Went to church and then back home, power still off. I should have went to the mall instead.

About to get bored, its almost lunch time...Ok can clean up a little before lunch but sweating, hot even with the windows open.

Ate Lunch, full and I thought of going to the mall, not to waste time being bored and it might be colder there, i should be ok!

I stayed home instead......When the power is off, you hear the silence everywhere and nobody like it and not even appreciate it at all but it does happen from time to time, that is the reality of life, cant have everything everytime and anytime you want it, which make you just realize things.....Better!
Wow, everybody is here, brothers, nephews, sisters,nieces, the whole family is here and my Mom is making some snacks now, even if it's almost 4pm, still hot.

Lots of talking, even the cp is not that busy, talking to the kids and everybody is sharing their thoughts.......

Mmmmmm is it then i realized that Black Out is not so unproductive after all, even if you just stayed at home and feel the heat for awhile.

This is actually the best time to get the right bonding with the family, where everybody is not on the computer or watching tv, while the kids are focusing on the topics and sharing their thoughts. While munching, you get to hear the laughter from time to time. Kids has stopped being busy, we all did, during this time, on what i thought is an unproductive Black Out Sunday, which turn out to be a fun and fine day, after all!

Ooooops since the power is back,after 15 hours, need to run and do some late laundry now....... just checking and sharing my thoughts about this.

I realize, no day is unproductive, it is up to you how you do it but always good to learn something from it.

See you around!

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