Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loving Someone that Used to Love You

It's a wonderful feelings loving someone and feeling worst when things do not workout right. You die inside and you also wish you'll be able to turn back time, just to realize that it's far too late for a second chance.

You ask forgiveness, while he pretend not to hear.  You're wishing for the second chance and wishing things still the same, but everything has change and also the feeling is hurt. You wish you are able to relieve the pain he feels but he decided to just allow you to go and never glimpse back,he rather be alone than have you and  never consider that second chance of loving you back again.

Both of you allow the time goes by, wishing you will soon forget, just to realize in the long run that you can never love anybody else just as much as you've love him.  The saddest part of life is loving someone that used to love you.

So why do we choose to let it go, no matter of how much we cared and love that person, we choose to handle the pain of being alone instead having the person you love.  Why it's so difficult to forgive and that we choose never to forget?  Real love never gives up, it certainly not judge, and  love understand.  Love hear the heart, mind gives no reason and never ask why, for just the heart can convey just what the mind can not.

Although love never truly gone, it simply stood there in the corner of your heart, yearning, anticipating second chance, second chance which he shall learn to forgive and consider the chance of staying with you again.

One of the most wonderful feeling to have, is it being with someone that you cannot live with out. The most wonderful is spending your entire life with each other.  Love while you live, forgive while you can and stay with this person you adore, instead of being sorry in the long run!

Second Chance

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