Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another YOU

Loving only him/her not wanting and needing anybody else but YOU.

Days and night that we shared together, how we wished it would never end

It was nice and felt almost perfect, it was an affair to remember...but

It was just like other affair, sometimes time won't give you a chance to prepare

Unexpected things just happen, then it is all over and your love has faded away.

I never thought it would come to this, After all those times that we've been together,
we finally have to say good bye.

You found yourself in other arms, while I found myself still living behind our Past....

It is never easy for me, it is hurting me so deep, realizing that now you are just part of the Past, and
A memory you will always be......

Tears kept falling from my eyes, I just can't help it, I LOVE YOU

And deep in my heart I am still wishing that you'll come back, because in my Heart and in my Mind
There's Only You...

I want you back, I don't want another,"Another YOU in my Life."

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