Saturday, February 4, 2012

Now I Know

Realizing the feeling you have for someone.

Before, my life was so empty and everything look pale and gray…

I felt i never wanted to love again but not when you came into my life, something has change.

Ive been in love so many time before, But it never felt this strong…

My feelings then was just simple, But now it is something that i can not explain.

Since the day i met you, things have never been the same and 
I have a feeling that if you go away, my life would be blue again….

Now  I know what your Love can do to me, It gives me happiness and makes me feel wanted!

And now I know why I LOVE YOU that much, why I care for you, It is because I know you feel the same way too,

And Now I Know, it is so nice knowing and having you in my Life!

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