Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baguio City: Where Flowers Bloom

Few more photos that I would like to share with everyone and they grow perfectly in cool places, like Baguio (Summer Capital Of The Philippines).

Although you will see many of this all around the City of Baguio but there is one specific place that you will see so many of this blooming flowers and plants.

Their beauty will catch you attention, just like they did mine. And of course when you see beauty and something you don't always see everyday, chances are You Take Photos, Click!

This don't grow good from where we lived, they like cold places and it is warm from here. I believe most are indoor plants, just like the money tree.

You can buy any of this bonsai plants for as low as P75.00 or about $1.50, good thing is you can see their prices right away.

This photo was taken in Mines View Park, one of the tourist attraction in Baguio.

So if ever you go to Baguio this Summer, try to visit this place and I am sure you will enjoy the scenery from up there and more. But expect it to be crowded this time of year, as it is the City peak season already but for sure, you' ll have fun when you go!

See their Flowers Bloom and Enjoy the Views that the place has to offer!

Have A Blooming Day!


  1. Great pics! Love the flowers! ~Beaufly

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