Thursday, February 13, 2014

Autocompose Mail For Valentines Day From Yahoo

This Is Yahoo Way Of Saying Happy Valentines Day To All!

While checking email, I notice that little red heart on the right side of my mail, next where the "Compose" is.

Upon clicking on it, you will have Four choices of  "Yahoo Valentines Greetings" Pre-Made Messages

* AutoCompose
* Crazy In Love
* Friendly Love
* All Outta Love

Just click any of those, and the message changes everytime, so there are so many messages you can choose from.

I find it really nice, cute and sweet. So each messages will give you idea on what to send your special someone.

Or you can get idea on what to write on your Valentines Card too. All this messages are really sweet and perfect for February 14 and I say just go for it and try them.

Happy Valentines Day Bubblers and Have A Wonderful Heart Day!

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