Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Happens When There's No More Rhyme?

And since it is almost heart day, I am getting all Love Thoughts here and trying to get your opinion and to learn something from you...

A Relationship can start good or it can start bad. There are different ways to meet or find our partners and fall in love. 

I know some relationship that started like cats and dogs but eventually fall in love as well.

And no matter how you TWO have started, it is how you keep the relationship burning that really counts.

Relationship can go a long long way for so many years and then end up just separating when the TWO are planning and deciding to keep it serious.

Because taking it seriously (getting married) and to a totally different level is that never easy. 

You can be serious by being boyfriend and girlfriend but then the commitment and responsibilities would change once you two decided to get even more serious.

But then again, nobody and mostly for girls wants to stay on the same level for a very long time, they need something more sure, something permanent and something better than just being good.

And even for the married couple, the courtship should never end after you two got married, they should keep it burning. Oh yes, of course you have kids already and husband busy earning for the family...but finding time for your partner is a must.....or it will be too late and there will be no more rhyme.

Nobody likes to feel being taken for granted for whatever reasons there is!

Things change, feeling changes, your partner needs is changing and you are too...

Do You Stay On The Relationship for the sake of having a relationship, because you are comfortable with each other, because you've been together long time, because of the kids?

And the hardest is letting go of what we got used of having already, not because the love still there but it is what we are comfortable with...

And sometimes we don't let go Not because we are still happy but because we feel and think this is where we already belong....think again...

Sometimes It Is Better To Have A Broken Relationship Than To Live With One!

But really, What Happens When There's No More Rhyme,Will You Stay or Will You Go?

Do You Go On Even If There Is No More Rhyme!

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