Monday, January 27, 2014

What would be your Ideal Valentine's Date?

We all know that Valentine's Day Is Just Around The Corner, most awaited for some ladies out here and most planned for some sweet lovers out there...

Ooops, sorry just getting excited here,lols!

But What Would Be Your Ideal Valentine's Date?

Do you really plan about this ahead of time and prepare something romantic, exciting and something new every year. Or you just do to the planning the night before?

Oh well for most ladies and I am one of those, I still get excited when I receive chocolates and roses on Valentines Day and this is something that never gets old and still expected.

However, there are some that go beyond this traditional ways as well. They fly somewhere just to celebrate it and for most couples they are making early reservations for a nice Dinner and probably staying over night somewhere...

Believe me, it is best to make an early reservation or you will end up dating and walking on the street with your date ( I dont mind doing that but) because everything will be fully booked before the first week of February end. 

Even Jollibee and McDonald will be crowded ( most teens favorite place and fit their budget). And any place is romantic on that Heart Day, so no need to really worry where you celebrate it.

And not to forget, this is also one of the favorite month to propose (not business) I mean marriage proposal...

And although you can start courting someone anytime of the year, but this could also be a perfect timing to shout out loud how you really feel for someone...sweet,hehe.

I hope the Ladies get the best surprised they've been dreaming of and for the Guys I hope you give it your best and get the best as well.

Oops before this gets really long, I actually only would like to know....

Will You Be My Valentine? :)

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