Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Scary Night EveryOne!


Oh well I was watching this movie "Evil Dead" on and off....I do other stuff and then watch it as well, but it is pretty scary, as in really.

Oh well, i love horror movies to scare myself and then hard to fall asleep. Good thing it was not raining and as I am writing this my internet connection went off again, it has been like this for few days now, not sure what they are doing exactly.

Oh my, now i wonder how long my connection will be down, it is 2:33 am here right now and sometimes it takes really long.

Sorry for joking a lot sometimes, it just meeh....Not everyOne will appreciate that of course but that is understood because we are different individuals right....

What matters most is you can still be bubbly after the rain...and cloudy and scary day!

It is now 2:52 am, finally connection is back....and the wind is blowing so hard and...Ooh sorry the fan is on...wink wink!

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