Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Halloween, Let's Go Trick or Treating

Although I see full moon from where I am and getting the cool breeze here....Good Day  and Good Evening To Some!

On October 31, 2013 will be another Halloween Celebrations All Around The World ( primarily in regions of the Western world) which will include costume parties and trick-or-treating. Not everyOne has the same celebration for this, some just go for trick or treat while others will really go for the costumer party and more and the rest will just let it pass by.

And not to forget, more scary movie, the least for me, :)

But one thing I notice, more and more are joining the fun and having costume parties and all those halloween decorations will really make you feel something is there, BOOO!

I am seeing the Halloween Themes all over down town already, and the color purple and orange seems to be the favorite. Vampires, those evil themes, zombie and monster mask are selling like hot potato too and not to forget the Witch, hihihi....

And I am looking forward for some Trick or Treat and maybe I will do some trick on everyone here in the house....and some treat for the kids here. I remember last year, we went for short trick or treat at SM Mall and my nieces had a great time.

And most kids will surely be looking forward for this Halloween Night to enjoy and go for some trick or treat.

And since this does not happen everyday, might as well enjoy it. This is also a perfect bonding time with your kids.

Prepare something good for Halloween Dinner.

Watch horror movies together, while eating your favorite snack and you can always hide under the blanket.

Go out and enjoy the night, costume party still the best but try not to get drunk coz you might bump into some zombies along the way, :)

Kids will be kids, let them enjoy the trick or treat and give some treat as well....I am sure it will be great fun!

Ooops dont forget to take some photos and share with everyOnE!

Happy Halloween and Enjoy Your Trick or Treating!

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