Monday, August 19, 2013

Rainy Days Are Here Again!

I do love rain and we do need it, same as we need sunshine but anything that is too much is not good at all......

The rain is pouring so hard that you could not hear anything but the rain drops from our rooftop, except the sound of it is annoying now, knowing the harder it rain the more people are affected out there.... 

Although we are thankful that we are home safe but we cant help and think about those people out there, cold and hungry, especially the kids. If i am feeling cold here, that is nothing compare to how they are feeling.

Watching the news, seeing the flooded area and how bad the situation out there and I can only send my prayers that everyone will be safe, that we  are all safe. That the heavy rain would stop and not do further damage. Lots of good people are helping out there, sharing whatever little thing they have, which is a big help to those in needs and blessings to the giver.

And for Some Government Official should start fixing what needs to be fixed before the heavy rain even falls and even if there is no heavy rain yet, I wonder why all the drainage are already full and the streets get flooded so easily. They should and need to priorities what is really necessary and needed. Instead of "YOU" planning to have a comforble life, focus first on how you can help others, and not just for the show.

May the Sun shine to keep us all warm and may those who have so much share their blessings and more. The comfort of our own home is not enough, when your heart is cold as ice.

I hope the rain stops soon and that we may all feel warm. My prayers goes to everyOne who needs it,  especially to those affected area.

May We See Hope and Find Strength In Everything That We Do!

Stay Safe EveryOne!

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