Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Battered Husband They Do Exist

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It has been a rainy Sunday over here and was not even able to do my laundry, I will just have to do it another day.

I was watching this Sunday news magazine show, which is  hosted by Jessica Soho,which is shown weekly. The show features different topics and tonight one of her topic is about Battered husbands and yes you read it right.....It is not about Battered Wife this time, which we always hear them talk about but Battered husbandd, not just physically but emotionally as well.

When they showed them (husbands), you would not even think they are battered husbands but they do exist and it's happening.

I have heard so many battered wives but I think this is just my second time to hear about battered husbands. Is it because of love,  why they choose to stay in this kind of abusive relationship?

In some country probably it is not just out in the open and even here in the Philippines, they are kinda civil talking about it....

But if you want others to respect your wife or your husband, you should start respecting each other first.

Sad but it is true, If there are abusive husbands there are also abusive wives.

In my opinion, this domestic violence is got to stop and I think I heard them talking about implementing a law for battered husbands and I hope its true. But I believe there is a law about this in other country already.

Just wondering about this and it did really caught my attention. Battered Husbands and Battered Wives, but why?

Image: http://paulmarcelrene.wordpress.com/2010/12/12/women-abusing-men/

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