Thursday, June 20, 2013

What If Opportunity Knock On Your Door?

It is probably true that Opportunity knock only once, Oh well maybe twice or thrice already but you did not open the door...and when you finally got the chance to hit the jackpot and the opportunity to change your life, you grab it, so happy and overwhelmed.....

But sometimes most of this opportunity given to us are open wasted and misused. We are too happy and proud like there is no tomorrow. 

Just like hitting the lotto jackpot and upon hearing them winning, you are also happy but then when they tell the story of how they spend and wasted it in just few years, you kinda get the sad feeling....I heard on the news about a guy winning about 32 million or more and how he wasted then in just three years and end up being poor again, and back to the situation he was before. God heard his prayer but when he got the answer, he forgot that it everything he asked and been praying for.

It must be for the reason that what we never had before or something we did not worked hard for are not much valued as something we know we did it with sweat and tears....

Seeing the image above and how he did not grab the opportunity to go out of that situation is really making me sigh, but then again...I dont know what's on his mind, maybe he likes where he is now....probably less responsibilities and less worries...and maybe peace of mine...who knows what's on his mind....

I cant help but get sad, If only all those opportunity given to us are well use, life would be happier and If only we recognize those opportunities that are knocking on our doors, life would be easier....

Oh well lots of if....but what if i hit the Lotto Jackpot? I just hope I will put them in good use!

Ooops just dreaming here but then again, there is truth to every words that I said!

How about you, what If Opportunity Knock On Your Door?


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