Friday, March 1, 2013

Gangnam Style It To The Beat Of Harlem Shake

After Oppa Gangnam Style being viral and then there is Harlem Shake that got viral as well.

Many did dance to the beat of the Oppa Gangnam Style that even little kids would know how to dance with it.

But then there is Harlem Shake different version as well and you can actually dance on it using your own unique style.

I have seen both and although both are being followed and famous on each own beat, this video that I just watched really caught my attention and made me laugh as well, It was double the fun. On one video with Gangnam Style Vs. Harlem shake.

Harlem Shake It to the Beat of Gangnam Style, Oh sexy lady,la,la,la!

Which one would you choose?

Watch the video and find out....Cooler Than Cool!

Have Fun!

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