Friday, March 1, 2013

A Coffee For Your Thoughts



Do you start your day with cup of coffee and end it with another cup of coffee?

Or do you drink it to because you need a little boost and then another one to make your day.

I am pretty sure most of us are addicted to coffee, especially now that they have flavored one and we also have different coffee shops to satisfy our cravings for different taste of coffee.

The addiction for coffee usually start at a younger age and then as we get older, busier, stress out, having fun or we turn for a cup of coffee while thinking as well.

And we keep coming back for more, just to have a cup of coffee of our choice.

Here are  list of coffee beverages:

Source: Wikipedia

1 Affogato
2 Black Eye
3 Black Tie
4 Breve
5 Caffè Americano
6 Café au lait
7 Café Bombón
8 Caffè latte
9 Caffè Marocchino
10 Caffè Medici
11 Café miel
12 Coffee milk
13 Cafe mocha
14 Café Touba
15 Cafe Zorro
16 Ca phe sua da
17 Cappuccino
18 Chai Latte
19 Chocolate Dalmatian
20 Cortado
21 Decaf
22 Dirty Chai
23 Doppio
24 Eggnog Latte
25 Eiskaffee
26 Espressino
27 Espresso Romano
28 Flat white
29 Frappuccino
30 Galão
31 Guillermo
32 Greek frappé coffee
33 Green Eye
34 Half-caf
35 Iced coffee
36 Indian filter coffee
37 Instant coffee
38 Irish Coffee
39 Kopi susu
40 Liqueur coffee
41 Macchiato
42 Mélange
43 Mocha
44 Mazagran
45 Palazzo
46 Pumpkin Spice Latte
47 Pocillo
48 Raspberry Mocha
49 Red Eye
50 Red Tie
51 Red Tux
52 Regular coffee
53 Ristretto
54 Rüdesheimer kaffee
55 Skinny Latte
56 Soy Latte
57 Triple C's
58 Turkish coffee
59 Vienna coffee
60 White Coffee
61 Yuanyang
62 Zebra Mocha

Did you find anything you like? Enjoy your cup of coffee and Enjoy Your Day!

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